This Toyota 2000GT is worth $1.2 Million, WHY?

Toyota 2000GT in $1.2 Million

As we say, Old is Gold! Well, this is very true in terms of the automobile industry, after looking at the Toyota 2000GT.

Toyota 2000GT

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Toyota 2000GT is a beautiful car which comes with beautiful aesthetics and a powerful engine. The Toyota 2000GTs were manufactured in very few numbers. Only 351 Toyota 2000GTs were manufactured in last few decades. And this is the reason that getting a Toyota 2000GT has become a very tough challenge for everyone. :-P Well, if you’re ready to shell out $1,155,000; you could get a vintage Toyota 2000GT for sure.  Though being honest with you, this car has been tripled in value and getting a one for the broke people like me is surely a daydream :-P


What’s so Special about this $1.3 million Toyota 2000GT?

Well, this is the same car which was sold in 2010 for $375,000.  The car was owned by Don Davis for his collection. He made quite a good fresh work onto the 2000GT and brought lots of changes to transform this beauty into a rare one. The changes done are painting the headlamp bucket back, application of correct grey finish around side window surrounds, applying the perfect wheel color and taking down the whole body of Toyota 2000GT to bare metal frame and respraying it to Original Bendix Yellow color.


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Toyota 2000GT front view

So you’d be thinking that the only paintwork is the responsible for the increase of $775,000 onto a $375,000 valued 2000GT?  Well, it’s not like that, such cars some intrinsic and exotic value which only true car enthusiasts can understand.

Toyota 2000GT corner view Toyota 20000 Engine


But if you’re really craving for such 2000GT yet you’re almost empty pocket; you could get a lookalike Toyota Sports 800 for approx. $15,000.   Well, the Toyota Sports 800 doesn’t have similar engine power like of its brother 2000GT but it surely gives you a classic feel of having a popular sports car.

Toyota Sports 800 Lookalike Toyota 2000GT


To be honest, I can’t afford to own Toyota Sports 800 also.  :-P So is the value of $1,155,000 for Toyota 2000GT is justified?   Share your comments below.


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This Toyota 2000GT is worth $1.2 Million, Shocking Reason!!!
Article Name
This Toyota 2000GT is worth $1.2 Million, Shocking Reason!!!
This Toyota 2000GT is $1,155,000. It has been tripled in its value in last 3 years! What's the reason for such price tag of Toyota 2000GT?
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Lets Drive Car

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